DVDAuthor + GUI ( WIN32 )

  • dvdauthor-0.6.9 January 16, 2004

    • cap maximum # of tmapt entries to 2040
    • convert filenames from UTF8 to locale
    • strip out END marker from program stream (clean up mplex output)
    • allow more than 512 chapters/titles
    • fix handling of programs (not chapters)
    • make VMGM IFO scanner deal with lowercase filenames
    • fix handling of text subtitles that use frame #'s as timecodes
    • fix bug in mpeg audio header scanning
    • languages must be in lowercase
    • better audio gap setting
    • fix PAL/NTSC issue
    • rename dvddirgen to dvddirdel to better reflect purpose
    • better support for nonstandard frame rates
    • don't set seamless flag for cells with commands or stilltime
    • bounds check #cells/vob, programs/pgc

    DVDAuthorGUI *0.5.2 24.02.2004

    • Lots of little things corrected and optimized
    • Moved iso creation option to under the FILE menu
    • Added the experimental AVISynth script generator
    • replaced mplex with the latest cvs (as of 2/19/2004)
    • Allowed the listbox to resize with the window
    • Added GraphicsMagick support in the menu editor. The gui now generates the png subpictures itself (using graphicsmagick), allowing the user to select their own colors in the menu editor (Instead of the icky green ones)
    • added progress bar when dvdauthor is compiling the vobs (progress bar doesn't report the status of mplex unfortunantly)
    • removed the Visual Basic runtime files to make the archive smaller. If an error occurs when starting dvdauthorgui, download the runtime files here
  • dvdauthor 0.6.10: March 15, 2004

    • better audio type detection logic
    • clear seamless flag on audio discontinuity
    • only allow to exist once per titleset
    • use 'name' attribute for buttons and actions in spumux (to be consistant with dvdauthor)
    • dynamically allocate PGC buffer
    • allow up to 2730 titles
    • allow reading from filedescriptors for VOBs, palette, and XML
    • allow empty pre, post, cell, etc commands (parses to NOP)
    • optimize link & button=X instructions together
    • fix parsing of textsub->transparent
    • add text subtitle documentation
    • fix SVCD subtitling
    • support specifying resume cells from calls; default to #1 for post commands
    • make spuunmux use read instead of lseek (works on pipes)
    • fix YUV handling in spuunmux and subgen
    • handle 99 titlesets in dvdunauthor
    • support nonexistant audio channels
    • lazy colormap allocation
    • support VOBU's without audio or video

    Jetzt heißt es warten auf das WIN32 Build...

  • Zitat von katjarella

    Jetzt heißt es warten auf das WIN32 Build...

    Wenn man wüsste, welche Pakete man braucht, könnte man es selbst machen. Aber mit der Probiermethode ist es doch zu langwierig.

  • DVDAuthorgui version 0.5.2c- 3/16/2004

    The DVDAuthor win32 executable was compiled with Cygwin, and is using version 0.6.10 of the DVDAuthor sourcecode. Mplex (version 2.2.3) and mpeg2enc/jpeg2yuv are from mjpegtools 1.6.1. Mkisofs (cdrtools) is used to create the iso image.

    Changelog for dvdauthorgui

    *0.5.2c Updated dvdauthor binaries to 0.6.10 :) < WIN32 !!!

  • DVDAuthorgui (version 0.97- 3/30/2004)


    • improved the gui layout some
    • added a checking routine that validates the chapters, when you click ok (if there is a descrepancy, it will let you know)
    • added some error checking into the authoring/logging process. If there was an error, it won't respond with the standard "Authoring process complete" now.
    • added dvd preference(PAL/NTSC) and iso creating option to the project file (old project files will be incompatible)

    *0.95 (test)

    • updated the readme.txt.
    • added subtitle support (not fully tested yet. feel free to report any bugs)
    • added support for multiple menus
      (in order to link titles back to different menus, i had to enable jumppad. Let me know is there are any reprocussions from doing that)
    • added "project loading and saving" functionality. Project files can also be opened by doubleclicking on it and letting dvdauthorgui open the file. (i may include a registry key later that will create an entry for *.dva files)
    • added "first play command" functionality (located under post commands)
    • added the (PAL/NTSC) selector in the main form. To change it, simply double-click it. (I got tired of the gui trying to guess what its working with, so i made it user controlled)

    Ein BetaScript für ein AvisynthMotion Menü gibt es auch. Jedoch muß man es selber Encoden und einbinden. siehe BildAnhang :)

  • DVDAuthorgui (version 0.98b- 4/23/2004)

    • Subtitle fonts are now based on the fonts the user has in the %windir%\fonts directory.
    • Titleset menu editor now includes a method of creating a "rectangle" buttons (using the height option).
    • added spu begin and end in the menu editor (handy when the buttons need to be displayed for only specific period of time.)
    • Ability to import simple bmp images as buttons in the menu editor. (transparency is set at #010101)
    • Added a button validator to ensure the coordinates do not intersect other buttons.
    • Added a black crosshair to the menu editor. This is much more precise then using the sliders to line up the buttons.
    • When loading a project, the gui now validates that all of the files still exist.
    • rewrote post command editor. also renamed it to navigation commands.
    • Added title moving function to the main screen.
    • Added advanced options in the titleset menu editor.
    • fixed yet more glitches in the menu editor.
    • Added a simple check to ensure the menus are the proper format, based on the rest of the project
  • DVDAuthorgui (version 0.982)

    • Added a visual chapter editor. This may not be fully accurate, since it uses WMP's method of reporting time.
    • Improved the avisynth motion menu editor. The script now has the coordinates needed to create buttons around the thumbnails
    • Added a simple function to monitor the approximate size of the dvd (doesn't include multiplexing overhead and subpictures)
    • menu editor is now resizable (let me know if this is not working correctly, it may vary from system to system)

    DVDAuthorgui (version 0.983 beta updated 5/15/2004)

    • Changed the behavior of the XML editor. If changes were saved, you can choose to continue authoring, or return to the main screen.
    • Edited XML changes are saved in the project file now.
    • Finally fixed the logging code so it is not frozen while authoring. (gotta love PeekNamedPipe)
    • Repaired a bug that limited the number of buttons allowed per menu.
    • Added a few more character sets to the subtitle list (and added ttc extentions)
  • GUI for dvdauthor Beta 0.4 (May 19, 2004)

    Version 0.02 enthält folgende Bugfixes/neue Funktionen:

    • Beim Hinzufügen von Bildern konnten Laufwerk und Pfad nicht gewechselt werden
    • Beim (Neu) Erstellen mit "Create DVD" wird gefragt, ob das VIDEO_TS Verzeichnis zuerst gelöscht werden soll
    • Wenn man Titlesets verwendet (Multi VTS) kann man auswählen, ob zuerst das Kapitelmenü angezeigt wird ("Show menu"), oder gleich der Film startet ("Play movie"). Außerdem kann man auswählen ob nach dem Film ein Rücksprung zum Hauptmenü ("Main menu") oder zum Kapitelmenü ("Titleset menu") erfolgen soll
    • Zur Berechnung der Gesamtgrösse wird ein Mux-Overhead von 8% angenommen

    Version 0.4 enthält folgende Bugfixes/neue Funktionen:

    • Vorschau für Menüs
    • Projekt Speichern und wieder öffnen
    • Specials für MenüButtons (feste Größe, normal unsichtbar...)
    • Benutzerdefinierte Bildgröße
    • Bei gemuxten Filmen wird geprüft, ob "Navigation Packs" vorhanden sind.
    • Formatierung von Untertiteln
    • Manchmal wurden Buttons "hinter" Bildern verborgen -> fixed
  • katjarella
    Du bist ja der Spezialist im dvdauthor - avisynth Umfeld. Vielleicht hättest Du ein paar Anregungen oder Tips für mich?

    Betatester gesucht!
    Die neue Version 0.6 enthält inzwischen so viele Möglichkeiten, dass ich es nicht mehr schaffe (jedenfalls nicht so schnell) alles durchzutesten…
    Daher gibt es diese Version auch noch nicht "offiziell" auf meiner HP sondern nur hier http://www.boraxsoft.de/other/GUI_DVDauthor06a.zip

    Neue Funktionen:
    1. Animiertes Hauptmenü (VMGM) ist möglich
    2. Hintereinander Abspielen auch bei Titlesets möglich
    3. Bis zu 3 Subtitle Streams
    4. MenüPreview ist jetzt "angepasst" (bei 4:3 wird mit 768x576 angezeigt und bei 16:9 mit 1024x576)
    5. Hintergrundbild (ggf. auch Animation) und Sound kann per Rechtsklick auf den Hintergrund eingestellt werden.

    Kurzanleitung (nur für die neuen Features ) hier:


  • dvdauthorgui (version 0.996-12/17/2004)

    gui für dvdauthor by borax (0.79.1)

  • DVDAuthor v0.6.11: February 10, 2005

    • fix compile error on newer gcc compilers
    • ensure a row of a subtitle takes less than 1440 bits
    • fix warnings
    • fix 64-bit support (iconv)
    • fix video and sector pts values to be more consistant
    • fix ImageMagick 6.x.x alpha detection
    • improved dvdunauthor by Ralf Engels
    • full sized pts/scr support (for 13+ hours DVD's)
    • support really long subtitles
    • fix jumps from FPC to VMGM menus (was using LinkPGCN, now uses JumpSS -- fixes crash in Ogle and Pioneer 343
    • fix ability to have multiple entries for a PGC
    • fix bug when decoding some subtitles
    • switch to automake
    • have mpeg2desc parse mpeg1 headers (thanks to Nico Sabbi)
    • fix handling of NTSC 3:2 pulldown (end PTS was != start PTS of next VOBU)
  • Changelog for DVDAuthorGUI


    • updated binaries to dvdauthor-0.6.12-alpha-2992
    • added usage tips to package
    • The installer is now packaged with the runtime files.


    • added added a BMP2M2V (png2yuv.exe) function. This makes the m2v stills much higher quality.
    • updated dvdauthor binaries to 0.6.11.

    Infos zur dvdauthor-0.6.12-alpha:

    • support random(FOO) in vm
    • allow the use of all 16 GPRMS via 'allgprm="yes"' option
    • embed commands within the VOB if only one instruction
    • set entries within the actual PGC instead of creating extra PGCs whenever possible
    • vm_optimize combines set GPRM/SPRM and link command (Michael Kreuzer)
    • warn if the button value is not a multiple of 1024
    • fix CreateCallAdr: first 2 bytes of C_ADT contains number of vobs (Michael Kreuzer)
    • fix TocGen: set frame rate (Michael Kreuzer)
    • fix spuunmux button output to work with spumux (Michael Kreuzer)
    • make counters work; allow hex, kilo, and lang numeric codes (Michael Kreuzer)
    • remove all vestiges of button handling from post if not necessary (Michael Kreuzer)
    • new vm commands added: break, goto (Michael Kreuzer)
    • dvdunauthor uncompiles pre, post, fpc, cell, and button commands
    • add 'crop' keyword for widescreen (crops 4:3 image for 16:9 tvs)
    • if audio extends beyond video, then set sector pts accordingly
    • support separate subpicture streams for normal, widescreen, letterbox, and panscan

    Die WIN.BINs sind ja im DVDAuthorGUI Packet, da brauch ich ja das nicht noch hochladen :)

  • DVDAuthorGUI 1.003- 6/22/2005
    -Removed FileSystemObject dependency. Using GetFileSize API instead.
    -Added an 'ignore error' option.
    -Added an alternative multiplexer to the project (tcmplex). It is user selectable under 'tools'
    -Recompiled mplex to the latest 1.6.3-rc1 using mingw. The old mplex is still in the package labeled as mplex_old.exe

  • Neue Version:
    DVDAuthorGUI 1.004b


    -Added an updated version of pxsup2dast, which fixes a problem with the last subtitle in a .sup.
    -Updated the installer to reregister a few dlls related to WMP.

    -Reverted back to the old mplex. There wasn't any major advantage over the new build, and the new build was close to 1meg by itself.
    -Added initial support for .sup subtitles- provided by pxsup2dast written by Tomi Ollila(http://www.guru-group.fi/~too/sw/m2vmp2cut/)
    -Added experimental support for reading palette data from an ifo.
    -Added timer.
    -Added subtitle and audio control to the menu editor.
    -The default directory for the bmp button dialog is now the 'buttons' folder.
    -When adding a title, the added title is now highlighted.

    In einem Land wo die geistige Sonne so tief steht, werfen auch Zwerge lange schatten. :hm:
    Der Mensch hat die Atombombe erfunden. Keine Maus der Welt käme auf die Idee, eine Mausefalle zu konstruieren. Werner Mitsch

    FC-Erzgebirge Aue :cheers: