DVD ReBuilder - aktuelle Version

  • Neue Version 0.45 ist online

  • http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?s=&threadid=75452

    • Added support for Button-Over-Video. Imbedded menus and user actions should now work correctly. This also sets the stage for possible menu size reductions.
    • Found and fixed Runtime Error '9' that occured during REBUILD phase. This should end most if not all of the '9' errors. It will be especially noticable in removing them in Half-D1/Half-Bitrate extra selections.
    • Fixed a source of Runtime Error '9' in PREPARE phase.
    • Found a situation in which bad MPEG editing in the original DVD (in which trailing B frames were deleted leaving an out of temporal sequence I or P frame) could cause error #0006 in REBUILD during transcoding (using ReJig). A workaround was implemented in which the temporal sequence was adjusted.
    • Changed code so the "PREPARE" button doesn't change to "Process" after running it the first time. It wasn't supposed to.
    • Made a modification to the monitoring of CCE as it is running in an attempt to get apply less processor time to DVD-RB when running on multithreaded processors. On my Athlon 2400+ processor it has dropped to consistently less than 1% processor usage for DVD-RB while CCE is running.
    • Reset the DVD Compliant flag to "off" in the ECL files to bypass a new "feature" associated with CCE's 2.69 version. If it is set "on" CCE tries to outsmart you and add frames to a 23.976fps source.

  • Die Version 0.47 ist da!

  • Weiter geht's mit Version 0.48!

  • Die Version 0.49 ist da, keine neuen Features nur Bug-fixes:


    - Fixed an error that could cause audio drift over time, cell audio moving out of sync, and also was responsible for some (rare) "freezing" chapters. Thanks to Djuby for pointing out a disc through which it was repeatable.

    - Fixed a minor error in which during save the wrong extension is shown (".RBD" showed as ".RDB").

    - Corrected processing of Project Files. When loading the status (such as noting that PREPARE is complete) was not retained and updated. Thanks to maksa for pointing these last two out.

  • DAs programm ist wirklich weiterzuempfehlen! warum sollte man sich das leben mit dif4u zur hölle machen, ausser man ist ein knobler...

    eine frage: werden eventuell neue features wie multiangle oder so in späteren vers eingebaut ???

  • Zitat von Xell

    eine frage: werden eventuell neue features wie multiangle oder so in späteren vers eingebaut ???

    Ja! jdobbs (Autor von DVD-RB) hat gesagt, dass MultiAngles und Seamless Branching auch in Planung sind.

  • Weiter geht's mit Version 0.50!:)

    Zu haben im englischen Doom9: http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?threadid=75452

    Hoffentlich werden mal bald meine Probleme mit dem ReBuilder aufhören...

  • Die 0.51 ist erschienen, damit scheint es möglich zu sein, Untertitel zu entfernen.

  • Moin,

    aktuell ist jetzt 0.51b


    - Modified One Pass VBR mode so it recovers sectors associated with ReduceBy and Half-D1/Half-Size options. The recovered sectors are now added to the target sector size associated with the main movie VTS.

    - Fixed error in which the maximum bitrate was not being set for PAL interlaced output. Thanks to Amenophis for finding this.

    - Modified the rough order of magnitude calculation for beginning Q in OPV. It should take fewer prediction passes (on average).

    Gruß Karl

  • Mahlzeit,

    das nächste kleine Update: Version 0.51c


    - Corrected a problem in which, if you did not go into the setup screen and specifically choose default subpictures to remove, all were removed. Bad day.
    - Added an Expert AVS option in which you can add text that will be added to AVS files. This is meant to support filters -- but can also be used to activate other AVISYNTH commands. This is an EXPERT OPTION. If you are not intimately familiar with AVISYNTH... leave it alone. It can make your encodes fail completely if incorrectly used. Note: Don't use blank lines.

  • Die neue Version 0.52 ist online:

  • Neue Version 0.53 ist online:

  • Version 0.53a

    - IMPORTANT BUG FIX. Fixed an error in which original (unchanged) files were not being copied correctly into the destination directory. This could cause created directories to fail upon write.