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  • dvd rebuilder 0.87 PRO

  • Mittlerweile ist die 0.88 Pro raus. Ich glaub die letzte die ich probiert habe, war die 0.82... :lol:

    Cu Rippraff

    Blumige Grüße, Rippraff

  • Die Freewareversion 0.85 ist raus. :)

    Zu bekommen bei doom9 oder hier. Auch als Installerversion mit den akuellsten Programmen.

    Cu Rippraff

    Blumige Grüße, Rippraff

  • Guten Morgen,
    Die Pro-Version 0.89 ist raus.


  • Die Freewareversion 0.86 ist raus.

  • Die Pro-Version 0.90 ist raus.

  • Die Pro-Version 0.91 ist raus.

  • Die Freewareversion 0.89 ist erschienen!


  • 0.92 PRO


    - Added support for multiple angles in Movie
    Only mode. Previous versions would copy the
    multiple angle sections but did not make IFO
    changes allowing selection and playback.
    - Modified Movie-Only creation so it recreates
    the cell structure of the original DVD/PGC.
    Previous versions built chapter tables based
    upon the cell structure of the primary PGC.
    - Found and fixed "Runtime Error 5" that could
    occur immediately upon start of PREPARE when
    using Movie-Only mode. My thanks to bryanb
    and Lark for pointing out and helping with
    finding this very elusive problem.
    - Added an advanced "Graphic Analysis" display
    that will show the structure of a VTS to help
    the user understand the original authoring.
    The display is accessible by double-clicking
    on the VTS you wish to view in the "Video
    Title Sets" list box.


    - Modified the selection routine for "Source"
    so that now if a directory is selected that
    contains a "VIDEO_TS" subdirectory, that
    directory is automatically tried before
    returning a "does not contain" error message.
    This seems to have caused some confusion to
    some users.

    I hope you enjoy this new version of DVD-RB.


    - Added support for writing ISO images using the
    mkisofs utility. In order to make this option
    you must have the MKISOFS program file installed
    in either the rebuilder directory ora subdirectory
    under rebuilder called "APPS". Note taht this
    is all done automatically if you use the Rockas
    installer. If you are doing a manual install,
    the two files needed (mkisofs.exe and cywin1.dll)
    are included in the rebuilder zip file. After
    the files exist, the next time you run DVD-RB
    the "Output to ISO Image File" option in the
    "Mode" menu will be enabled. You can also select
    a VOLUME NAME and FILE NAME for the ISO image or
    choose to automatically delete the files after
    writing (to save space). These options are
    selected using the "Select ISO Output Options"
    selection -- also under the MODE menu.
    - Added automatic burning of created ISO images
    with DVD Decrypter. If the "Automatically
    Burn with DVD Decrypter" option is selected
    under the "Select Output Options Dialog" the
    ISO created will be automatically written to
    disc using DVD Decrypter at the end of the
    REBUILD phase. Please note that this option will
    be disabled if DVD Decrypter has not been
    installed on the host computer. Also note: This
    option is ignored when in "Batch" mode for
    obvious reasons.
    - Added a FILE menu option to burn an ISO image,
    this is just for convenience, as the image is
    actually burned by DVD Decrypter.
    - Changed the "MPEG Standard" matrix so it is
    updated to what is generally considered more
    "standard" today. In order to update it, you
    can just delete the file "MPEG Standard.mtx"
    from the MATRIX directory under the DVD-RB
    installation path. DVD-RB will see it is
    missing and update it when next started.
    - Added a menu selection under "OPTIONS/AVS
    you can instruct the decoder to use of of a
    list of 7 iDCT choices. This replaces the
    former single "idct=7" choice.
    - Added a new "Key" mechanism so the executable
    file "REBUILDER.EXE" can be downloaded from
    multiple locations and can be included in the
    Rockas Installer package. The executable will
    not run unless a "KEY" file exists in the
    DVD-RB directory. Similar to the previous
    method, when VIPs are notified of new versions
    they will receive a link to a personalized key
    file. Placing this key file in the DVD-RB
    directory will enable the software.


    - Found and corrected a long-time vexing error
    that could cause "Buffer Overflow...0003" and
    "Buffer Overflow...0004". This is very likely
    the root of some of the "preprocessing" errors
    that have been reported -- and was accentuated
    in DVD-RBs "Movie and Menus Only" mode. This
    one was truly difficult to pin down. My thanks
    to Carpo, t3rror, and Numer0bis for helping to
    nail this elusive error.
    - Fixed an error in which the TMAP tables were
    not being updated correctly for Interleaved
    and/or Angled sources. This may have caused
    errors in random access into those sections.
    - Corrected a source of possible "Runtime Error
    9" that could happen when IFO and VOBs aren't
    in agreement about ILVU. This conflict may
    happen during PREPARE when certain types of
    preprocessing have been done).
    - Changed output directory format. Now in the
    designated output dirctory a subdirectory is
    created called "DVDFILES". The AUDIO_TS and
    VIDEO_TS folders are created under that name.
    This is meant to help avoid confusion and
    assist in future enhancements by consolidating
    all files that should be written to the DVD
    within a single directory.

    Und so wie es aussieht nähern wir uns mit großen Schritten der Final Version 1.0.
    Gibt mitlerweile zumind. für die Pro Version einen Installer und Reg-Key ;)

  • Nur zur Info :)

    Die DVD Rebuilder PRO 0.93 beta kann man jetzt auch downloaden, man muß nimmer auf die email von [font=verdana, arial, helvetica]jdobbs warten. Dafür erhält man aber ein key womit man sein RB freischalten muß ;D also es gibt auch weiterhin keine Pro umsonst.

    Einmal bekommt man sie als ZIP Version zum DL oder als EXE die dann alles für einen einstellt.
    Hab es selbst mal getestet und muß sagen es wird immer besser.

  • Die RB 0.93 Pro ist fehlerhaft auf manchen Systemen, ich bekam gerade eine Laufzeitfehlermeldung 13. Das ist jdobbs bekannt und er hat das gleich in 0.93.1 gefixt.

    Wer also auch diese Fehlermeldung erhält, bitte die 0.93 nochmal runterladen, ist die richtige, auch wenn dort nicht extra 0.93.1 steht. Hab's gerade ausprobiert. ;)


    Quote from Ianius

    Die DVD Rebuilder PRO 0.93 beta kann man jetzt auch downloaden, man muß nimmer auf die email von [font=verdana, arial, helvetica]jdobbs warten.[/font]

    Das halte ich allerdings für falsch. Du kannst zwar das Programm runterladen, musst aber nach wie vor auf die Email von jdobbs warten, da Du sie ohne Key nicht zum Laufen bekommst. ;)

    Cu Rippraff

    Blumige Grüße, Rippraff

  • Quote from Rippraff

    Das halte ich allerdings für falsch. Du kannst zwar das Programm runterladen, musst aber nach wie vor auf die Email von jdobbs warten, da Du sie ohne Key nicht zum Laufen bekommst. ;)

    Cu Rippraff

    Das wäre arm, wenn es so wäre :( einmal den key runterladen solte genügen. Ansonsten würde er nur aus Traffic gewinnen da er dann weniger hatt.

    Aber der Ärger das der eine oder andere keine email bekommen hatt, hatt er somit immernoch.

  • Also ich habe gestern für den Rebuilder gespendet. 30 Sekunden später war das email da, in dem 1) der Downloadelink zum Rebuilder Pro 0.93 angegeben war und 2) der Link zu meinem persönlichen Schlüssel.

    Keine Spur von "auf das email warten müssen" :)

    [Blocked Image: http://mitglied.lycos.de/BaronVlad/zeugs/Orden.gif] Mitglied des Ordens des Lichtes, Sonderabteilung Chaos.

    System: Dell 4550 mit WinXP
    Brenner 1: NEC 2100A, Firmware 104E
    Brenner 2: LiteOn 832S, Firmware VS03

    SAP: Philips DVP 3005 - Nachfolger des verblichenen CyberHome 402.
    Satelliten-Receiver: Topfield 5500PVR

  • Es geht jetzt sicher nicht darum das man zwischendurch spendet und dann seine Version bekommt.
    Sondern wenn eine neue Version erscheint, wollen ja alle zur gleichen Zeit ihre Versionen haben und nicht erst Stunden / Tage später.

    Aber jetzt wird es langsam OFF Topic ;D daher bin ich mal still ;D

  • 0.93.2


    - Added a checkmark on the menu for AVS Filter
    editing. If checked, it indicates that filters
    are present in the editor. Also added a line
    to the status/log when starting a job that shows
    when filters are in effect.
    - Adjusted the ISO Image creation code so it would
    be more robust in recognizing error conditions.
    - Fixed an error in the ISO Image creation routine
    in which ISO output would fail when either of the
    output or working directories contained one or
    more embedded spaces.
    - Changed the registry entry from which the DVD
    Decrypter path was collected, the one used may
    not have been set on all systems.
    - (v0.93.1) Corrected an error that was causing
    "Runtime 13" when the "ENCODERS" directory wasn't

    I hope you enjoy this new version of DVD-RB.


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