StaxRip Encoding-Frontend – Neue Versionen

  • das jährliche Update steht wohl mal wieder an:


    I've uploaded I built labeled as release candidate, later this week I'll upload it as final to sourceforge. beta (2012-10-10)

    • Updated mkvtoolnix to version 5.8.0
    • Updated x264 to version r2216
    • Updated ffms2 to version 2.16
    • Updated MediaInfo to version
    • Added Drag & Drop support in text boxes that edit code and command lines
    • Added option for DGDecodeNV cropping (Ask | Enabled | Disabled)
    • Added the flat Windows 8 menu style
    • Added various iPhone and iPad generations to the x264 device option
    • Fixed various cosmetic problems


  • Beta

  • beta

    1. Added generic ffmpeg video encoder with Xvid, VP9 and Theora enabled
    2. Added generic ffmpeg muxer with option to use any ffmpeg supported target container
    3. Added 4 different x264 builds and 4 different x265 builds, 32/64-Bit, 8/10-Bit. Which build to use can be defined at Tools/Settings/System. The version string at Tools/Applications shows version, compiler version and source/website of the build.
    4. Fixed crash using Windows 98 classic theme
  • beta

  • beta

  • beta

    1. Added QSVEncC Intel Quick Sync H.264 encoding tool support
    2. Improved job processing
    3. Improved load times and responsiveness
    4. Changed the Play feature for audio and subtitles to use NicAudio or DirectShowSource instead of FFAudioSource because FFAudioSource requires additional slow indexing
    5. Fixed x265 project template being not properly initialized
    6. Fixed anamorphic not being signaled to nvidia encoder, added new macro %target_sar%
    7. Fixed crash in x264 dialog
    8. Updated mkvtoolnix to v7.7.0
    9. Updated NVEncC to v1.02
  • beta

    1. Improved cli/batch/script GUI
    2. Improved eac3to GUI and error handling
    3. Fixed invalid script used for non mod 4 sources
    4. Fixed invalid script used for RGB sources
    5. Fixed decimal number framerates being imprecise
    6. Fixed unnecessary WAV to FLAC conversion when DirectShowFilter is used
    7. Fixed gain detection with ffmpeg to normalize audio didn't use the correct stream using mkv as audio source file
    8. Updated AviSynth, eac3to, ffms2, ffmpeg, x264, x265, MP4Box, QSVEncC, NVEncC


    1. Enabled raw AAC files input for MP4 container output
    2. Fixed framerate being falsely detected as 25 in certain countries
    3. Added Haali Splitter, StaxRip asks only to install it if dsmux is enabled (Tools/Settings/Demux) or when MKV output is selected in the eac3to dialog, both is selected and enabled by default and I recommend to keep it so
  • Beta

  • beta

  • alpha

    1. StaxRip uses now AviSynth+ 64-Bit exclusively
    2. x265 is 10-Bit only, using 8-Bit is as simple as replacing the executable
    3. x264 is 8-Bit only, using 10-Bit is as simple as replacing the executable
    4. Hardware encoders don't work currently due to missing avs reading support in the x64 builds
    5. All AviSynth plugins except ffms2 and l-smash are gone due to missing x64 version, RgTools, SangNom2 and checkmate added
    6. Fixed audio delay not always shown in main dialog
    7. Improved VP9 GUI and default values
    8. Updated ffmpeg with new libvpx 1.4 for improved VP9 encoding
  • beta

  • pre-release

    1. Added x265 switch --output-depth to choose between 8bit and 10bit output
    2. Improved 'Demux Configuration' dialog
    3. Fixed and changed cropping and resizing with QSVEncC, there is now for both crop and resize a special AviSynth filter profile 'Hardware Encoder' but if AviSynth is bypassed by enabling hardware decoding in QSVEncC then it's not necessary to use this special profiles, any crop or resize profile will do in this case.
    4. Fixed bug audio streams not being detected for M2TS files
    5. Updated x265 to x265_1.7+2
    6. Updated QSVEncC to 2.0 beta 3

    1. Added Decomb x64 plugin
    2. Greatly improved AviSynth editor
    3. eac3to dialog is now surpressed in batch mode
    4. Improved framerate correction
    5. Replaced DGAVCDec with dsmux
    6. Re-added backup feature to keep backup of filter, audio and video encoder profiles. It means when filter, audio or video encoder profiles are reset, previous profiles are still available in a Backup sub menu, the menu structure is customizable so profiles of the backup sub menu can be moved to top level using the profiles editor which supports multi selection.
    7. Fixed wrong DGIndexNV demux configuration
    8. Updated ffms2 to 2.21

    1. Added feature to choose which source filter to use when a single file is opened, this gives more MeGUI manual workflow like control without giving up much of StaxRip's automated character
    2. Fixed failing to show log file from main menu
    3. Updated qaac to 2.49
    4. Updated ffms2 to 2.22 RC2