Project X 0.81.2

  • Project X 0.81.2


    24.08.2003 enhancement dvb.matt: show expected export filesize in cut dialog
    16.06.2003 fix dvb.matt: extendend look-up for usable data in unscrambled marked TS-packets (bad flags in recordings)
    15.08.2003 release: dvb.matt Project X 0.81
    14.08.2003 extension: java.lang (patch horizontal resolution of the 1st sequence header)
    08.08.2003 suggestion: message log if the following nonVideo stream cannot handled by its own PTS data (because it's missing)
    06.08.2003 extension: java.lang (idd)
    29.07.2003 fix: remove a little bit more cross coloured speckles in preview
    23.07.2003 fix: exception while parsing bad/wrong AC3-frames (bad index)
    20.07.2003 fix: remove cross coloured speckles in preview
    19.07.2003 fix: enabled cut- and split- pointer didn't work properly in case of more than 2 inputfiles
    19.07.2003 fix: preview didn't jump properly among fileborders in case of more than 2 inputfiles
    13.07.2003 Project X 0.8 relaesed

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