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    Version 0.80 Pro

    - Added code to do a check for existing .M2V file after a
    segment encode is completed, and to reencode the segment
    if it does not (up to 3 tries). There have been reports
    of missing .M2V files causing errors during rebuild.
    Most often this is caused by an errant keystroke stopping
    the encode accidentally -- but it appears that sometimes
    an encoder can abnormally exit leaving DVD-RB without an
    M2V to process. This code should reduce that likelihood.

    - Fixed an error in QuEnc encodes in which the maximum
    bitrate was always set to 9000Kbs. While this would most
    often have little impact there could be instances in
    which this could raise the total bitrate to a level that
    is greater than the DVD specification.

    - Corrected an error where under rare circumstances the
    calculated average and maximum bitrates could be set to
    the same value. This can cause some encoders to fail or

    - Added a "-maxbitrate" parameter to the QuEnc command line
    for segments less than 60 frames in order to ensure HC
    can work in the freeware version. These had been done at
    CBR due to problems seen in both QuEnc and CCE with very
    small segments -- it is needed because HC does VBR
    encoding only.

    - Made changes to the segment encoding code to better assure
    all segments are encoded properly.

    - Added an output line that displays how long the entire job
    has taken in "One-Click" mode.

    - Updated the HC interface so it now works with the newer HC
    Batch encoder. Please note that support for the previous
    HC encoder IS NO LONGER SUPPORTED. This freeware encoder
    is coming along nicely. While not the fastest encoder
    available -- the quality is outstanding. Please note:
    The HC encoder's .EXE file must be loaded in the same
    directory as DVD Rebuilder and the name must start with
    "HCBATCH" (e.g. "HCBATCH_012.EXE").

    - Fixed an error in which the checkmarks weren't being set or
    reset properly in the DC Precision and GOP Selection menus.

    - Fixed an error in HC encodes in which the maximum
    bitrate was always set to 9000Kbs. While this would most
    often have little impact there could be instances in
    which this could raise the total bitrate to a level that
    is greater than the DVD specification.

    - Added the "*WAIT 0" command to HC encoder settings. This
    will reduce overall DVD encode time on future HC versions.

    Hier das korrekte Chnage log der 0.78

    [font=verdana, arial, helvetica]Version 0.78

    Below is a summary of the changes/updates associated with this version (Pro release, Freeware expected for release in early Apr, 2005):

    - Corrected an error in which encoder windows may not close properly when aborted during encoding.

    - Modified QuEnc command line to control maximum b frame setting.

    - Made mods to improve OPV prediction slightly for CCE

    - Added a check after each encode to warn if the resulting .M2V file was not created. This is to counter some #0003 errors that may be experienced during the rebuild phase of the affected segment.

    - Added filesize checks so versions of QuEnc can be discovered.

    - Made a correction to the STILL_FRAME detection algorithm. This will reduce the number of segments detected on many DVDs.

    - Added "Skip PREPARE during Batch" option under the file menu. This is meant to assist those who are using RB-Opt. This option forces the assumption that you have already completed the PREPARE phase (and processed with RB-Opt) before beginning the batch sequence. This option is saved with project (RBD) files, so it can be set to a different value for each entry in a batch sequence. Notes: Setting this option when PREPARE has not been completed ahead of time will result in errors.

    - Added support for the HC encoder developed by HANK315. This independently developed encoder provides exceptionally high quality (with some sacrifice in speed). Note: In order to work you must use version .01 of HC (with *BATCH setting) and the executable file must be named as "HC.EXE" and loaded into the same directory as DVD-RB.

    - Added Constant Quantization (CQ) One Pass VBR (OPV) mode support for QuEnc. This mode can dramatically cut down on encoding time and produce high quality output. Note: The nature of CQ encoding can make sizing less accurate, and the CQ prediction routine is new and needs some tweaking. The nature of CQ increments makes it a little like measuring with a micrometer and cutting with an axe. May tend to undersize, your feedback is welcome. Nic's QuEnc is getting closer and closer to CCE's capabilities.[/font]

    Ich würde statt der Option "Steal Space from Extras" lieber die "Half D1 Option for Extras" wählen, da sind die Ergebnisse für die Extras qualitativ besser und es wird mehr Platz (50% der Extras) für den Hauptfilm frei.
    Dann einfach mal durchlaufen lassen und das Ergebnis ansehen, oder mit dem RB Opt vor dem coden "nacharbeiten" (siehe sticky).

    Es wäre nett wenn ein Mod das in den Sticky übernehmen könnte.

    Also ab der v1.2.0RC2 der DGdecode.dll müsst ihr euch mal bei der Q analyse im OPV Mode die I,P,B Frames und die BR ansehen, die verändern sich nicht und somit ist die Analyse schrott und auch das Ergebnis. Am besten die 1.1.0 nutzen, dann kann nichts schief gehen.
    Schon mit der 0.75 wurden im englischen Forum gute Ergebnisse bei OPV erzielt.
    Es würde mich wundern, wenn es jetzt wieder schlechter wird?!

    1. Test mit der 0.76, DGdecode 1.2.0rc1, CCE 2.70,reduce extras 1/2D1 option
    Quelle: Bytes (6.66 GB) -> Ergebnis 4.746.862.592 Bytes (4,41 GB)
    das Ergebnis ist nicht 100%ig, aber das kann an den vielen Extras gelegen haben. Wenn man hier noch mal kurz Shrink ansetzt, dann passt es.

    2. Test mit der 0.76, DGdecode 1.2.0rc1, CCE 2.70, reduce extras 1/2D1 option
    Quelle:6.977.800.192 Bytes (6.49 GB) -> Ergebnis 4.577.433.685 Bytes (4,26 GB)
    Ergebnis perfekt. Also bei mir funktioniert die Option.

    Beide DVDs waren nicht "vorbehandelt".

    Version 0.76 VIP

    DGMPEGDec 1.2.0RC1

    Also ich bin ja blöd, aber so blöd nun auch wieder nicht ;).
    Genau das funktioniert bei mir nicht.

    Wenn ich das Verzeichnis auswähle erscheint es NICHT in der Liste, obwohl es genutzt wird und wird aber ebenfalls im Quellfenster benutzt. Damit kommt bei mir die Logik: Input- gleich Outputverzeichnis. Ich war der Meinung, das man beliebige Ausgabeverzeichnisse anlegen kann (unabhänging vom Quellverzeichnis) und diese per Dropdown aufrufen kann?!