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    Version Version 3.6.3 - 17 Dec 2007 ist raus.

    title operations is not greyd out in VTS titles pop-up menu when no title is selected

    "move program up/down" action in "PGC programs" pane pop-up menu

    all but first angles are stripped on export in some cases

    font size in "button set" tabs

    "Open Destination" and "Open Destination in new window" are disabled for some commands in Cell Commands pane

    focus jumps back to the source copied PGC, after editing a PGC which was created using "Duplicate" or Copy and Add copied PGC

    "Assign to Title" creates record in history log with index of PGC which is off by -1

    Data Pool dialog is closed when hover over the button with the mouse pointer

    start X/Y is reset to 0 after editing


    DVD-lab PRO 2.32 ist raus (12.09.2007) ;D

    History 2.32

    • Create IMG file after compilling (option in Compile dialog).
      Alternative creation of IMG file with 2048 (normal), 2054 and 2064 byte block,
      the later is currently being tested with some replicators as a vehicle for ftp image to plant

    • Enhanced editing of bitmap images and buttons directly from menu (painting color and transparency)

    Download update 2.32 (3 MB)

    DVDlab Pro 2.32 deutsch patch -->

    VirtualDub-MPEG2 1.6.19 (build 24560) ist raus.


    Zitat von fcchandler
    Version 1.6.19 build 24560 (August 23, 2007)

    * Unfortunately, the change I made October 24, 2005 (which was supposed to reduce the memory footprint by not storing PTS for every sample) has caused a situation in which audio skew is reported incorrectly in the "File Information" dialog for MPEG files. I've had to undo that change.

    * I've switched to using 7-Zip to archive the source code package.

    Version 3.6.1 - 1 May 2007 :daumen:

    incorrect button index shown in message for "auto selected" button in playback state

    navigation timer is set incorrectly for "auto selected" button in debugger

    debug mode (step/run) is not preserved after "waiting for user" events

    preserve playback position if button command does not redirect navigation during playback in debugger


    Version 3.6.0 - 18 Apr 2007

    endlich nach so langer Wartezeit :ja:

    incorrect blocks selected after "move blocks left/right" in Domain Content pane

    do not offer Break command for selection in command editing dialog for cell & button commands

    do not offer LinkProgram and LinkCell commands for selection in command editing dialog in FP domain

    allow selection of Link commands without argument only in cell & button commands

    check streams and stream to track assignments for "append copied PGC"

    require "set" portion of "Set Instruction" as some players have problem executing it otherwise

    toolbar to playbach history pane

    option to show/hide notes about internal changes to VM in history pane

    goto prev/next state with branch instruction

    goto prev/next state with user input

    "Remote " pane to debugger view with emulation of "Up", "Down", "Left", "Right", "Select", "Title menu", "Root menu", "Prev" and "Next" buttons.

    "step" debug mode switches to "run" after cell playback

    do not consider PrevPGC linking to self as error

    keyboard shortcuts for "copy command", "paste command", "edit", "edit command" for preview pane

    items in DvdTree pane are not correctly expanded after "Delete VTS"

    reset highlight status if all buttons are deleted

    enable "cut to here" for menus with all buttons deleted

    "Open destination" and "Open destination in new window" are not enabled in "Buttons" pane for "All modes"

    "vmg_title" register (S[4]) not updating in Debug in some cases

    "pgc #" register (S[6]) not updating in Debug

    import DVD from command line specified directory (could be either directory name or file name of one of the DVD files (.ifo or .vob))

    link commands without arguments can only be used in cell commands

    Resume command support in DVD debuger

    updated list of active beta testers in About box


    DVD-lab PRO 2.26 ist raus ;D

    History 2.26

    • If a chapter is set to pause, the next chapter must be set as non-seamless
    • Right Click Link menu will now collapse to divided form
      if there are too many menus or movies to make it manageable and to avoid scrolling.
      The items will be sorted in SubMenus by 10s.
    • Change Order of items will also display PGCN.
    • Added Movie Gap object for various VM tricks in Title domain,
      for example as link collector for movies
      (to go away with the 128 limit VM commands in Root VTS)
    • Added option to export Connection window to ASCII art for simple posting on web boards.
    • VISTA registration fix.
    • * 2 PM: quick fix Movie GAP was cancelled when saved and load back

    Download update 2.26

    Important: After you update to this version, the software may ask you to enter the registration code again -
    this is due to the changes necessary for MS VISTA.

    DVD-lab PRO 2.25 ist raus ;)

    History 2.25

    • Merge Projects, different aspect (it will adjust the new merged VTS properties if aspect is different in the merged files)
    • External Subpicture and external background - it will now save the external link into the project file and by default alwasy try to use the external file. Some more checkings to make sure the file is correct.
    • Zoom In allowed bigger than 1:1, zoom by mouse wheel follows the cursor
    • Chapter Play-list (Movie Branch) - added option to set sequential chapters seamless
    • Enter reg. code now has note for Vista (You have to use the option Current user, not all users )

    Download update 2.25

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    DVD-lab PRO 2.24 ist raus ;)

    History 2.24

    • Fix: Override Aspect Ratio in VTS will not change aspect ratio of Cells, same when loading.
    • Fix: for some players 2xFF and REW problem (ADT is now set as ROM, before it has been set as R/RW which may cause on some old players to simply disable 2xFF/REW - courtesy of DVD specs)
    • Fix: Combo-Buttons didn't work correctly with new Enhanced menu rendering introduced in 2.2
    • Fix: for stuttering bug on long movies after certain time
    • Clone Mega-Project (Save As... in mega project didn't work as expected - now it will Clone whole Mega-Project into new directory.
    • Time map unit fix - time map will not exceed 2048
    • Slideshow Muxer adjustement

    Download update 2.24

    zu 1. GOP, QC, DC, Bias Einstellungen

    zu 2. such mal hier im Forum nach Matrices ;)
    dazu das Tool und Erklärungen
    DVD-RB Optimizer: Settings & Downloads
    bei Settings: findest du den Unterpunkt Quantization Matrices:

    weitere ausführliche Infos zu Matrizen

    zu 3. siehe Punkt 2 und runterscrollen zu Info: Warum Filter?

    zu 4. ausprobieren, bzw. manchmal ist die standart Matrix am besten ;)

    ansonsten kannst du versuchen am Bias und zu schrauben.
    Encoder Mode:
    -variable Bitrate einstellen
    -Anhand Bitrate die Anzahl Passes (Rechendurchgänge) einstellen
    2500-3000 kbps -> 3 Passes -> Multipass VBR Bias 28
    3000-4000 kbps -> 2 Passes -> Multipass VBR Bias 30

    4000-5000 kbps -> 1 Pass -> Multipass VBR Bias 32
    5000-6000 kpbs -> 1 Pass -> Multipass VBR Bias 34

    6000-max kpbs -> 1 Pass -> Multipass VBR Bias 36

    DC Precision (bit)
    Bei einer durchschnittlichen Bitrate von 2500-3200 kbps --> 8 bit
    Bei einer durchschnittlichen Bitrate von 3200-6000 kbps --> 9 bit
    Bei einer durchschnittlichen Bitrate von 6000-max kbps --> 10 bit
    und zu prüfen was bei GOP eingestellt ist!
    GOP Sequence:
    M=3 + N/M=5 ---> = 15 für DVD+/-R
    M=3 + N/M=4 ---> = 12 für SVCD

    Was ist bei dir bei iDCT Algorithm eingestellt?

    Der Beitrag könnte auch weiterhelfen
    Grundlegende Fragen zu DVD-Rebuilder Pro

    ganz einfach :D

    ich hatte mich bei der Backgroundfunktion zuerst auch immer geärgert. :nein:
    Damit hierbei das komplette Bild zu sehen sein soll,
    müßtest du mit Photoshop oder so einen Rand um das Bild machen der denWerten des TV-Overscans entspricht.

    das war mir aber auch immer zuviel arbeit, also hab ich ein bischen rumprobiert und die ideale Lösung gefunden. :ja:

    also am besten machst du das so ;D

    in der Importleiste unten wechselst du auf Objekte-->Frames
    hier jetzt das Bild importieren, dann kannst du das Bild in das Menüfeld reinziehen.
    Du hast aber jetzt den Vorteil das du jetzt die Bildgröße selber frei bestimmen und
    ausrichten kannst durch das ziehen an den Rändern.
    somit mußt du jetzt nicht immer vorher erst die Bilder die du als Hintergrundbild nehmen willst auf die richtige Größe bringen. ;)

    das geht ja bei den den normalen Backgrounds nicht

    ach noch ein Hinweis fürs erstellen der Menüs bei dieser Variante,
    du mußt du immer erst das HintegrundBild reinziehen und danach die Buttons, Textfelder anlegen.