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    v0.29 ist raus.


    AC3Filter 1.35b - 24.05.07

    • Fixed a bug in AC3 decoder (decoding of 4.1 and 3.1 AC3 files was affected). Thanks to Dietmar Kleiner for reporting and testing!
    • Fixed a bug with fast playback of mono files in WMP
    • Delay units works correctly in offline config utility
    • SPDIF page added, all SPDIF-related options are moved there
    • AC3Config utility supports themes
    • Invert levels option to fix a bug with levels display in 3rd-party themes
    • Default output format changed to stereo

    Eine andere Möglichkeit um DTS Musik abzuspielen.

    Wie wäre es mit WinAmp und den dazugehörigen PlugIn für DTS. Somit kann ich meine DTS Musik über die Anlage hören.

    Wäre vielleicht ein Versuch bei dir wert.

    Changelog DGMPGDec 1.4.9 RC2


    OK, guys, this is feature cutoff for 1.4.9. Bug fixes only until final release, please.

    • Added support for demuxing LPCM from M2TS ([Blocked Image:] Blu-ray) files. Note that the raw PCM is demuxed (same as xport.exe). You must use an audio processor, such as sox.exe, to repackage it as you want it (typically as a WAV file). Refer to the DGIndex Users Manual for instructions in that regard (Audio/Output Method section). PID detection and the Info dialog are supported for this new audio type. Thanks to drmpeg for showing the way with xport.exe.
    • Added a warning pop-up to notify the user that a field order transition was detected.

    Muxman 0.15R release notes


    07/05/05 bugfix version 0.15R released

    • .scp PAL Video timing (not retrieving tv standard from data folder)
    • .scp PAL SubPicture timing (not processing resolution and drop type statements)
    • .scp SubPicture duration was 1 frame too long
    • .sst parser not clearing generator (and other) flags on entry.


    VobBlanker released


    Finally, the full release version is on-line. Almost no changes versus RC2 (only one cosmetic bug)

    Changelog versus 2.1.2

    • Added: Control of minimum window size (in resizing windows)
    • Added: Resizing grip indication (in the lower left corner)
    • Added: Refuse to run if AnyDVD/DVD43 or DVDRegionFree (lite & std) are detected.
    • Added: Split feature in MENUs. Up to 32 split points.
    • Added: "Cut inside" splitting the cell in two parts in MENUs domain.
    • Added: Check PTSs discontinuities when extending cells (replacing cells/titles).
    • Added: Multiple splits pre cell. Up to 32 split points can be defined per cell in the same VobBlanker session.
    • Added: GOP type and Cell elapsed time are shown in Preview
    • Added: Absolute sector in preview
    • Added: Check the maxmum size of the output (menus and titles)
    • Added: Automatically disable overlay if needed in VISTA
    • Improvement: Tooltips are visible when the controls are disabled
    • Improvement: Double click on a cell row in cell list now goes to split/still/replace or preview/cut dialogs, depending on the selected action
    • Improvement: Message "Filename has to be *_1.VOB" removed if filesize < 1000MB
    • Improvement?: GOP type detection now accepts first video pack in a non standard position
    • Change: Defaults: Do not use overlay defaults to true, and NextPGC and PrevPGC pointers modification defaults to false
    • Change: Return to file save dialog in case of error (extracting cells)
    • Change: "Save project as" opens the file save dialog with the current project filename (if exists) instead of the default filename
    • Change: Elapsed and duration times: hours are represented in one digit
    • Change: Info in preview uses normal fonts. Deleted non-valid fields.
    • Change: Errors compacted when loading a DVD with multiple errors in menus
    • Change: 50% more space for ifos growing.
    • Change: Menu VOB or last title VOB files in a VTS are allowed to be larger than 1 GB (a warning is issued)
    • Change: Open GOP warning completely removed
    • Change: Confusing message when ILV-ed cells are detected.
    • BugFix: Not fixed, but workarounded. Dissapearing dells dialog when hitting "split button"
    • BugFix: Delete all title VOB files in output folder before processing the titles domain of a titleset
    • BugFix: Bug in DVDPreview was crashing VobBlanker loading a PAL/NTSC mixed DVD
    • BugFix: Sizes of GB were reported as MB in dialogs
    • BugFix: "Cut inside" splitting still was broken in some cases
    • BugFix: In the case of 9 files in a VTS, the fixing packs procedure hanged
    • BugFix: Only 98 VTS were supported
    • BugFix: Negative (wrong) pointers in IFOs made VobBlanker crash
    • BugFix: chapters table wrong when splitting cells
    • BugFix: Settings in main dialog were lost opening more settings dialog
    • BugFix: 32K smart GAP default was not always the same value
    • BugFix: Changing Cell number in preview was not updating Time and GOP type
    • BugFix: Special case where GOP type was not detected (was being marked as unknown)
    • BugFix: PGC unit table was being created empty in smart GAPs
    • BugFix: When removing unreferenced cells and renumbering, VOB pointers fixing phase was working with the list including the cells to be deleted, so some cells were adjusted twice.
    • BugFix: Adding chapters when splitting cells could fail in some rare conditions
    • BugFix: VobBlanker was not launching the fixing pointer phase when a cell number mismatch was detected replacing cells/pgcs

    Gibt's hier.

    update 0.83



    • ADDED: Some check to Test Deint fuction
    • ADDED: QMtrim. QMtrim is a vectorial analysis software based on mvanalyze. When enabled AutoMKV will do one more pass to determine the motion vectors of movie. Using this file QMtrim is abled to construct a very complect trim script with multiple denoiser applyed.
    • ADDED: Filter selected is now used in Preview (Suggestion by Nadine)
    • ADDED: Edit LVL button to dinamically edit the QMtrim lvl files
    • ADDED: Deinterlacer Settings is now used in Preview. You can see what your deinteralcer will do. Leave AUTO for no deinterlace preview
    • ADDED: In Preview panel the possibility to trim. Remember to click "Trim from here" for setting the Trim start. The file will be encoded from start to this frame
    • ADDED: In QMtrim options to encode as compression test the full lenght of movie
    • ADDED: Chapter Editor. Quite goofy and limited... but fuctional. The text could be also directly added and copy&paste. I suggest to use the DEL and CANC button to delete empty string...
    • ADDED: Some sanity check about QMtrim
    • FIXED: When working with WMV and FILM type the tdecimate stringe goes after cropping
    • FIXED: Some issue on iPod profiles (thanks to migrena)
    • FIXED: On selecting Don't care about file size the Width is set to Original and Resizer to NONE
    • FIXED: In directShowSource is now specified converfps=true and fps=xxx
    • FIXED: In Crop settings "Check Values" and "Preview" are valorized only if input file is present
    • FIXED: Some tuning to FFmpeg encoding to X264, changed both preset. Now fast is fast.
    • FIXED: If input is d2v or m2v and isn't selected any audio, the default audio track will be NONE (previusly was "All Audio Tracks")
    • FIXED: If Compression check is 100, then isn't applyed any SelectRangeEvery
    • FIXED: Moved ColorMatrix as last filter. This move will correct issue of wrong color with non MOD16 crop
    • FIXED: Some update to log
    • UPDATE: FFmpeg.exe to v8797, X264 v654

    Pro-Version v1.25.0 ist raus!


    May 2nd, 2007 (v1.25.0)

    • Added additional code to the OPV single pass prediction routines to increase sizing accuracy. This should reduce the probability of over/undersizing in OPV.
    • Added two more "hidden" options to REBUILDER.INI for adjusting OPV actions related to HC encoding. The values "HC_CQ_BFACTOR=" and "HC_CQ_PFACTOR=" allow you to set the related HC settings for one pass VBR encoding. More information can be obtained in the HC documentation.
    • Updated the "Close DVD-RB at REBUILD Completion" option in the MODE menu. It is now persistent and the setting will carry-over between sessions.
    • Added a popup window to show status when DVD-RB scans at startup or after source selection. This is necessary to show progress when encountering an exceptionally large VIDEO_TS.VOB.
    • Corrected an issue in which, under certain circumstances, when colorimetry changes between two segements, the flag ("c:") in the filter editor might get incorrectly tripped.
    • Corrected a bug in which under very rare circumstances the last GOP of a cell could be flagged with incorrect colorimetry information.
    • Updated the Installer to include ECLPRO v1.00 Final, which fixes some "exit" related issues.
    • Modified colorimetry interpretation so that receiving a "2" (unspecified) as the matrix_coefficient would default to actions for Rec.709.
    • Added code to clean up the temporary encoder directories that are created for muliple encoder processes.
    • Updated OPV processing to allow an alternate matrix. Now OPV will use the specified as "Main Feature Matrix." In OPV the matrix will not change based upon bitrate -- as it is necessary for predictions to be made using a single matrix and quantizer/Q value.
    • Added HC v0.21 to the standard installation package. This corrects a rare "hang" issue and can now encode slightly faster in BEST mode. Also added support for the new luminance gain (LUMGAIN) parameter. You can now set the value using "HC_LUMGAIN=" in the REBUILDER.INI file.
    • Other minor and cosmetic changes.

    AvsP 1.3.6

    VobBlanker beta 1