BatchCCEWS - aktuelle Version

  • In letzter Zeit gab es eine neue Version plus ein paar kleine Bugfixes.

    < c>
    - Fixed - quality characteristic and bias setting written properly for all cce versions.

    < b>
    - Fixed - can handle ccedata.txt files with more than usual amount of chapters. (note that the ecl will contain all the chapters that are in the ccedata.txt but cce will only honor the first 128 or so chapter locations)

    - Fixed - Auto bias now tied to the dropdown edit for average instead of the average spin control (which was removed in 0916m)
    - Added - Tweaks for the gui stuff from 'm'. Option to disable the gradient background. also added more numeric selections for the quality, qfactor, and bias dropdown to cover a greater precision of number options.

    "Ist es schon Zeit, um Thaddäus den Tag zu vermiesen?"

  • < d>
    - Added - Shutdown option added to the gui. The setting is not saved in the registry so has to be turned on when loading the program. also cli 'shutdown' option added.

    "Ist es schon Zeit, um Thaddäus den Tag zu vermiesen?"

  • < e>
    - Fixed - Works with newest eclpro. It doesnt like all the '.'s in big 3 filenames so workaround it by removing the '.'s and replacing them later.

    "Ist es schon Zeit, um Thaddäus den Tag zu vermiesen?"

  • Update:
    BatchCCEWS f
    - Fixed - use cce 2.50 style ecl for use with eclpro as is more compatible.

    Langsam aber sicher macht mich diese Art der "Versionsnummerierung" mürbe und konfus.

  • Juhu. Beta Status :)

    < beta 1>
    - Fixed - used different call in vfw api to allow larger .avi files as input. (did not effect avisynth at all)
    - Added - delete .mpv option in settings now also applies to segment files after segmented encodes.

    "Ist es schon Zeit, um Thaddäus den Tag zu vermiesen?"

  • Schon vor nem Monat raus... Final

    < Final 19.03.2006>
    - Added - more precise reporting if original matrix could not be loaded
    - Fixed - pressing stop during encode with 2.6x (in combo with eclcce.exe) now stops the encode
    - Fixed - went back to the old STListbox for the list boxes since the new one would act up sometimes/ also using intel compiler (why? i dunno)
    - other stuff

  • Es hat sich weiteres getan

    BatchCCEWS beta 5

    < beta 5>
    - Fixed - Robshot Bach method when used with SP2.

    < beta 4>
    - Added - Support for CCE SP2 trial.
    - Fixed - CCEfront works properly again.

    < beta 3>
    - Fixed - Make new VAF now properly works on 2.50/2.67/2.70 versions. Changed button from 'Existing VAF' to 'Make new VAF' for clarity.

    "Ist es schon Zeit, um Thaddäus den Tag zu vermiesen?"

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