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     [/font] rasta21 :rock: :mosh:

  • Zeul hat Numenu4u RC4 Build 2.0 released

    Ich habs probiert und scheint auch mit cce 2.7 zu funktionieren

    Die infos sind jetzt ziemlich verstreut. Die ganzen links dazu ausm news forum sollte man vielleicht ganz oben adden und den namen allgemeiner halten

  • hallo.

    puhh.. kapier ichs oda nich? also brauch man jetz nur noch die neue .exe oda soll man die ins install verzeichniss der vorversion überkopieren? zusammen mit dem neue pulldown? :huh:

    dann steht bei mir im "build 1.5" wenn ich das teil starte... hier steht 2.0... :ratlos:
    vielleicht hat jemand da mehr infos aus dem doom forum oda dem changel., da ich nich so englischfest bin.
    mfg olli

  • Hi

    Man muss jetzt die .exe vom cce angeben. Numenu4u entscheidet dann ob es ecl benutzt (2.6x) oder nicht (2.7x).

    Es steht oben noch build 1.5 ja aber es ist build 2.0 das wurde einfach noch nicht geändert.
    Die version soll blos zum testen verwendet werden nicht für wichtige backups auser es funzt alles :)

  • Quote from Darklistener

    Man muss jetzt die .exe vom cce angeben

    das war mir allerdings klar...soweit reicht mein denglisch noch. hab mich zu verdrückt ausgekehrt. :zunge:
    ich meine das prog selbst. deshalb auch mein zwoter fragesatz. also noch n versuch: jemand n plan? schu mal danke.

  • NuMenu4u RC4 Build 1.3 installieren die alte .exe mit der neuen ersetzten und die pulldown .exe in das installverzeichnis kopieren.

    Die neue NuMenu4u.RC4.2.0.exe must du in NuMenu4U.exe zuvor umbenen

  • Zeul hat Numenu4u 2.0.0 released

  • Zeul hat Numenu4u 2.0.2 released

  • Zeul hat Numenu4u 2.0.3 released


    * Change to the chapter points in the ECL file for NTSC->PAL when using Change/ConvertFPS
    * When authoring a check is made to ensure that a previous failure log file has been deleted , otherwise NuMenu4u will never complete properly.
    * Alteration to PAL -> NTSC scene timecodes in tracks (Drop wasn’t being applied correctly)
    * It was possible that CCE Basic would not be recognized when selected – corrected
    * If vobtest analysis fails then old routines will be executed, which won’t find stills in a video stream [although this is very rare]
    * Correction to audio end time when NTSC timecode results in illegal time
    * For Rebuilder dvddecrypter is now run for each VTS to decrypt and copy all remaining files
    * The Rebuilder.ini is rewritten with the new source directory and a new temp dir – named NuMenu4u working dir\Rebuilder
    * Automatic compile mode is set if Enable Rebuilder is set
    * Change to the ifo update command. If the scenarist compile option was not set to full compile and NuMenu4u was started by DIF4U or Enable Rebuilder was set then the ifo may not have been updated.
    * Change to the progressive flag setting in the ecl based upon wmansir’s recommendations
    * New build of VOBTest from D3s7

    NuMenu4u.2.0.3 includes VOBtest also

    Sry war ziemlich früh auserdem wars nur ne 1:1 copy der email :)

  • ho ha!
    du hast leider deinen 2. link verrammelt. mit nem backslash giehts ni. kann passieren. :)
    man nehme den hier:

  • Zeul hat Numenu4u 2.0.4 released


    * The file size displayed is now more accurate. If the vob file exists but is a 0 byte file this is now not selectable for processing.
    * Stupid syntax error that would cause an error after VOBTest had been run and incorrect cell type identified
    * Correction to slideshow play time if format conversion enabled
    * Updated Menu_Ifo_Update to correct the format after a format conversion if full compile not enabled and to update the palette if necessary
    * Due to an error if conversion was enabled and the cell type was slideshow then instead of a framecount of 1 being passed to the encoder, the actual playtime (in frames) was passed, causing a scenarist buffer error.
    * It has been found on one particular disc (thanks to Angelus) that there are some VTS’s that are totally unreferenced in the VIDEO_TS.IFO which as far as I know is against DVD specs, this was causing an error in the ifo analysis.
    * In a format conversion if the original audio was AC3 then it was incorrectly named after processing, forcing the script to ignore the audio files – ie no audio in the output
    * During audio encoding if the original was PCM audio and there was a negative delay denoted by [-..] and a conversion then softencode would fail, again causing no audio in the output
    * Slight alteration to the button position calculation in a format conversion
    * Revpulldown is now used for adding pan-scan information – if it fails then internal routines will be used instead, but this only corrects the first GOP header

    inc new executable, updated MenuUpdate.exe and VobTest

  • Zeul hat Numenu4u 2.0.5 released


    new build - full install required

    • Altered the pulldown routines to reflect the additions to revpulldown. NB at this point there is still a slight chance that the occasional scene might be a frame or 2 off if the output fps 23.976. This is due to ‘remaining’ fields left over. The import must be checked before compile to ensure that all sub streams & highlight streams are aligned correctly – this should be automatic if using scenarist 3.0. This only affects video streams with > 1 cell.
    • The ecl file creation has been altered to force a cce 2.5 style if using procoder – to ensure maximum compatability with eclpro
    • The audio track duration was being written 1 frame short, so data end time=duration (which is incorrect) causing a potential error.
    • Some cells could be labelled as dummies but still get re-encoded
    • Added ability to analyse vobs after demux to strip out unwanted crap (only full vobs can be removed. If a cellid demux is required then all cells are kept automatically) - Under Default settings
    • New revpulldown by Trahald
    • If one of the pre/post/cell commands is in the PGC but points to nothing it will be replaced by a Nop instead – corrects Nicolati problem
    • Added a very simple wizard for those who think NuMenu4u is too complicated - Press Start button
    • Fixed the subtitle bitmap conversion that would result in upto 4 pixels off
    • Alteration to the code to reflect the new bitmaps – special thanks to Techie for his hard work in diagnosing the problems
    • Slight alteration to the code for when checking for adjacent bitmaps (caused a mismatch error)
    • The sub endtime did not match the slideshow duration after a conversion when all frames are kept
    • More Fps options in ecl creation to help avoid the wrong settings – hopefully corrects seewen problem
    • Discovered that I was passing the incorrect parameter into the Soft Encode ini file, for Dialog Normalization

  • Zeul hat Numenu4u 2.0.6 released

    2.0.6 build now released. From this point forward only VIP users will have access to new features.

    • From now on new features will be available to VIP users only (VIP users will receive an unlock code by e-mail which needs entering via the Support button)
    • Added Muxman support – Muxman is used purely as an authoring engine. Button and navigation details are added by NuMenu4u. The speed increase is enormous. VIP access only. Ensure that the latest release is used (0.13f)
    • Added links to the website, your default mail client and key authentication all via the ‘Support’ button
    • Changed the routine for PAL or NTSC recognition to circumvent Seewens problem (a VERY badly authored IFO that contained a combination of PAL & NTSC timestamps in the PGCs)
    • BMP recreation in conversions is now done via BitmapResize from D3s7
    • Bug fix: in CCE 2.7+ multipass was not set correctly when run from DIF4U
    • Bug fix: LinkTopCell was not being written correctly into the scp file – caused scenarist to fail
    • Alteration to the GUI to show the wizard and support buttons
    • Correction to the VIDEO_TS.IFO generator (it was producing non-compliant ifo’s!!)
    • Added additional error handling for when parsing VMI commands (Button & PGC). Eroneous commands have been found in some PGCs (which are dummies and therefore point to PGCs or Titles that don’t exist). These are now replaced with NOP
    • Slight correction to MenuIfoUpdate.exe for when palette transfer is required. All VTSs were being dealt with as VIDEO_TS.IFO (which has different Offsets)
    • Fix: In a format/Wav conversion if the working dir had spaces in it and there was audio for slideshows softencode would fail – audio for video streams was unaffected.
    • Fix: Where the original VOB file contained more Vobid’s than the IFO listed, Numenu crashed.
    • VOB preview has been enhanced and now has a built in AVS script editor – so that each VOB can be fine tuned or removed – VIP access only
    • If recovery console is being implemented and vob preview has been previously run then forced dummy vobs will again be automatically selected as Dummy,
    • Some internal code fixes.

  • Zeul hat Numenu4u 2.0.7 released


    • Correction to CallSS VTSM and CallSS VMGM PGC – the compare was not written into the actual command.
    • Added support for PGCDemux.exe This enables any folder to be opened and processed. Mounted folders are still processed via DVDDecrypter. PGCDemux must exist in the install folder. NB unpredicatable results will happen if the folder was opened with PGCDemux and then the recovery console is used.
    • A check is now made to ensure that either pgcdemux or muxman have been copied into the install folder as per the information in the msgbox after inputting the unlock code.
    • Fix: In the scp script, Numenu was passing the number of buttons not the number of numerical buttons.
    • Fix: An error was raised when the title information in the VIDEO_TS.IFO differed from the actual VTS information
    • If running Numenu from DIF4U and rejig was selected in DIF4U but the paths had not been set in Numenu first then Numenu would fail, CCE is now set as the encoder instead.
    • Slight internal change to the wizard
    • Fix: A problem with closing the Muxman Key box
    • Fix: When selecting you VOBs to be stripped, the AVS script was being passed even though it hadn’t been created yet!
    • Changed the text editor to a text control instead of a richtext control. Will stop the richtext.ocx error
    • Completely redone the menu buttons of the GUI – removed the need for commandbar.ocx. No more ocx errors. Should also run on windows 3000 now
    • The ECL is now rewritten after the VOB stripping selection to avoid wasteful encoding
    • A new VIP area now exists which contains all the VIP extras (Muxman support and VOB stripping)
    • A new area of the GUI now exists for VIP users. It contains the new muxman options. Default use will be for multiple MXP scripts to be created (one for each vobid). A second option exists to create just one MXP script which contains everything in the proper layout (this will be for muxman 0.15+)
    • If multiple MXP scripts are created then the muxman script now contains all the highlight information for the buttons, except for the actual button command which is still added afterwards. In a single MXP script every command and pre/post/cell commands will be written. Using this option with the present muxman builds will cause an error.

  • Zeul hat Numenu4u 2.0.8 released


    • Fix: Procoder CQ setting was not saved if set to 1.
    • Several internal fixes to the sub duration if muxman is used
    • Scenarist no longer needs to be available. If muxman and scenarist are not available then numenu will carry on up until the script creation, this gives the demuxed and re-encoded video/audio files, and the subs
    • Fix: to the muxman script generation for the navigation layout – vts0 could have been written instead of VMG – causes a link error in muxman.
    • Fix: to the muxman script generation. It was possible that more menu commands could be written than highlights existed again causing a muxman error
    • Because of Scenarist restrictions certain VOB files have to processed by Cell, but this is not the case with muxman – if muxman is used this restriction has been removed
    • Fix: If Language Units were stripped and muxman is the encoder then an overflow error would have occurred and if not the ifo certainly wasn’t updated correctly
    • Fix: Additional comments in the ECL file have been removed – was causing some versions of CCE to fail

    Known issues:
    If there are multiple substreams (which is normal) and they have subs with differing start times / quantities then scenarist may fail – muxman seems OK
    Some strange results with Muxman although I am unsure exactly what at this time

  • Zeul hat Numenu4u 2.0.9 released


    Due to a misinterpretation of the mxp script docs, the button select end time was incorrect - potentially devastating effects.
    A new option under Recovery tab to NOT recreate the mxp files. This is in case the error is easy to diagnose and correct, and you want to use this new file rather than let NuMenu4u remake it.

  • Zeul hat Numenu4u 2.0.10a released


    Dumb syntax error in VMG creation in mxp files (only affects muxman 0.15+)

    • Discovered a nasty bug in the IFO generation routine if keeping more than 1 language pack and muxman is the authoring application
    • Alteration to mxp script to remove eroneus program names that appeared
    • Slight alteration to the routines for creating a full mxp script (for muxman 0.15+)
    • Subs streams are now checked against each other to ensure that the highlights correspond with each other – removes a very rare scenarist error
    • Set the default CCE encodes per ECL file to 25 instead of 50
    • Fix: an error occurred when trying to open ReBuilder if the ReBuilder.exe had spaces in the path name
    • Recovery console now works from any source folder not just iso or DVD disc
    • New Copying options as follows:
    o Copy menu files only – ideal for DIF4U and is the default
    o Reverse copy – this will move the new menu files into the source folder and backup the originals – ideal for ReBuilder or your DVD project is oversized and you want to redo the menus to shave off some bytes
    o Copy ALL files – this will copy every file in the source folder into the working directory – use this if your source is an image or DVD disc and you are using ReBuilder
    o No copy – obvious really
    o Use DVD Decrypter for copying – if the source is a DVD disc then this will copy and decrypt the files specified for copying as defined above. If the source is a folder then this option will be overridden and standard FileCopy used instead NB Although a new option it fixes a bug when the original DVD is being used as source: The remaining menu files were being copied not decrypted.
    • Moved most of the default options into the main screen dropdown menus
    • Use original assets is now saved as with the other settings
    • Slight alteration to the GUI layout
    • If ReBuilder is being used a check is made to ensure that the source folder being used will have all the files needed. This is determined by the above copying options. Reverse copy or Copy ALL files must be selected.
    • Improved error detection in case of Muxman failure
    • The recovery log now states whether scenarist or muxman was used for authoring – the correct authoring app is now set
    • The recovery log also now states whether a format conversion was performed
    • In a format conversion it is possible that the ‘new’ scene will be <1s long even though the original is not. Scenarist hates this , so a forced cell id demux will be initiated (not if muxman is used)
    • Added a new VIP option to alter the highlight contrast. I sometimes find the button highlights a bit pale, so they can now be altered to a higher contrast level
    • Added a new VIP option to equalize the highlight contrasts of E2, E1 and P. This will produce an average highlight for all three colors. Bg is not included.
    • Fix: The scene time in mxp scripts were not altered in a format conversion
    • Fix: Potential sub time errors occurred in cell2 + in a format conversion
    • If muxman is set to authoring then the scenarist menus are greyed out to avoid any confusion

  • Zeul hat Numenu4u 2.0.11 released


    * A rare bug was found in VSrip that would cause NuMenu to think there was a highlight associated with a sub when there wasn’t. Many thanks to D3s7 for correcting this bug.
    * Fix: If there was more than 1 sub listed in a particular cell, and both start times < 14frames then both start times were set to scene start (so Scenarist actually muxes the buttons!). This caused an overlap error.
    * Fix: When VIDEO_TS.VOB and a VTS_X_0.VOB were processed an extra brace was being added to the mxp scripts
    * Fix: Although RoBa isn’t supported yet RoBa option could be selected as default in encoder options after DIF4U has been run
    * If using muxman any assets that are dummies, a blank still will be used by muxman instead of a 12 frame clip. This means faster skipping over dummied assets

    NB occasionally muxman will not mux the highlights properly (has only happened once so far). This has been corrected in as yet unreleased build.

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